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First "line" of a story

(ok so it is the opening page, but here goes...)

I'd known she was going to be trouble the moment she entered my office.
I could never have guessed, just how much trouble.
She'd introduced herself as Doll-face but something told me she was using an alias.
There was just something about her that unnerved me, at first I thought it was her eyes, the way they could burrow into your soul and get you to tell her everything. I wasn't about to tell her a thing. Then I realised it was the legs, the way she glided on them, making you think she needed those heels just to reach the ground. She told me she needed my help, apparently a couple of heavies had been putting the pressure on her old man, and now he had gone missing.
"Great" I thought "Another dame who wants me to meet her parents." It turned out her old man had some property in the docklands area that was ripe for redevelopment. The heavies had been suggesting he should sell out of the real-estate business before it affected his health. It was obvious I was going to have to pay these guys a visit some time soon, but I had a stop to make first.

Honest I tried to stop at the first line but the cheese just came away in long strings :-)

P.S. For last weeks challenge I managed to find an archive of all the eurovision songs from the past 30 years.....
TOP CLASS entertainment, every one !
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Excellent! :o)
Hee! Fantastic. Tell me it's not just me who's wondering what'd happen next... :)