Pookledo (pookledo) wrote in is_it_friday,

This weeks challenge

Make something and give it away to someone who you think will appreciate it.

If could be a get well card, a cake, a knitted toy, a photoshopped picture, or even a poem. Anything you like!

Good luck!
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Dammit, I've done something along those lines in the last few days, lol

And btw, I'm sorry I've not been around here much in recent weeks and not keeping track, but I've spent a lot of my time on LJ reading Friends Lists but without the Communities ;os
Don't worry :o)
About which bit? :O)
I made a bad smell and shared it with a work colleague who appreciated it! Does that count?
hehe. Maybe!

I like your avatar btw *grin*
I made my Dad a birthday card. He thought it was a bought one :)